Where Will You Go?

GFA Missions had a longstanding history and reputation for equipping and sending out laborers into the harvest fields of the world. But a new generation of missionaries needed to fill the ranks. GFA turned to us to assist them in creating a forward-looking identity and communicating their vision for the future.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Clarifying the Vision for Future Generations

We worked alongside GFA’s leadership to craft new mission, vision and core value statements that signaled the mission’s desire to look forward for the future, but remain committed to their founding principles. Their tagline was taken from an ad we had created early in our work for GFA that the leadership felt worked well to call people to action.

Refreshing the Website

Today’s generation finds most information online and GFA’s website was pivotal to our strategy to inspire action and disseminate opportunities for service. The website acts as a central hub for GFAs podcasts, video series on “the call,” and events and retreats.


Sowing & Reaping Magazine

GFA had published a bi-annual magazine with great content, but its packaging was starting to get a little dated. YCP reimagined the magazine’s look and feel for a fresh and engaging look at the work of God through missions today.

Inspired by Video Storytelling
Audiences love stories because they teach us valuable lessons while engaging our attention. While interviewing for another piece, we heard the story of a French family that was kidnapped by terrorists within a few miles of a GFA missionary compound and the missionary’s struggle to choose whether to flee or stay. We had to share this amazing story!
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