Non-Profit Causes & Ministries

Whether serving citizens through rescue missions or reaching communities through local churches or missions organizations, we've helped ministries and non-profit causes with branding to help them more clearly share and reach others with their message.

Where Will You Go?

GFA Missions had a longstanding history and reputation for equipping and sending out laborers into the harvest fields of the world. But a new generation of missionaries needed to fill the ranks. GFA turned to us to assist them in creating a forward-looking identity and communicating their vision for the future.

Citizen Impact
GFA Missions
Camp Utibaca
First Baptist Church of Effingham, IL
Church Branding
Hope Christian Health Center
When No One Else Can

As a child growing up in Ivory Coast Africa, Bernard witnessed people in great need of both physical care - and spiritual life. He and fellow professor Amy Hicks set out to build a hospital for hope and healing. They turned to YCP to help them capture the vision behind this unique mission and turn it into a brand that inspires audiences worldwide to support this goal.

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